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Utah Dance Outreach:
Our Mission

UT Dance Outreach (UDO) is a non-profit (501c) organization dedicated to introducing underserved communities to performing arts and to using performing art as a means of educating communities on a variety of social issues. In 2023, UDO will use dancers from Utah Dance Institute (UDI) and the local community to perform at various venues throughout the Salt Lake City valley including traditional theatres, festivals, and elementary, middle, and high schools.

Social Issues Affecting Our Kids Today

The dancers of UDI presented SHEEP at various venues in 2023 including the charter school Monticello. SHEEP communicates the challenge our kids face with social media, the pressures caused by it, as well as the anxiety that erupts from these increased pressures to look a certain way, to do certain things, and basically to fit in. SHEEP chronicles why social media has caused greater isolation among our youth.



Watch UDI Performing SHEEP At
SLC charter school in Spring 2023

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