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Our Approach

Utah Dance Institute (UDI) provides unmatched professional training in an inclusive, supportive and kind environment. We offer students high quality training in classical ballet along with the genres that complement ballet training.  Our modern, precise, and creative approach allows students to reach their fullest potential as dancers but also as supportive members of the UDI community.


We want your dancer to grow with us. As a result, we offer a range of classes from pre-school through pre-professional levels. Message us or stop by.

Cati Snarr, Director

Cati started UDI to create a place where she would have wanted to train when she was a student. Many broad-based studios move too quickly without a solid foundation while traditional ballet schools tend to provide technique in a rigid, heavy-handed manner.  


We strive to give students a solid foundation and clear curriculum matched with amazing performance opportunities. And, we do it in a warm and creative environment.

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Twinkle Tots

This is your child’s first dance class! Your children will explore dance and rhythm in a fun, nurturingenvironment.
They will explore creativity in a joyful setting all with a sense of play.  

Dance Basics and Elementary

Dance Basics and Elementary students will  improve their motor skills, and develop discipline as they explore rhythm, shape, and vocabulary.

They will develop a deeper awareness of social and spacial skills, basic ballet technique, tap, and jazz movements; beginning with alignment, hip rotation, foot articulation, and strong straight legs. They will learn the foundation of body directions, lines, turns, and jumps. These levels will be introduced to ballet history, stories, and characters through creative movement.

Intermediate Levels

The intermediate dancer will continue their ballet training with the addition of pointe work while supplementing their training with classes in jazz and contemporary disciplines. They will learn to coordinate movements of the arms, legs and head, as well as execute quicker steps, and demonstrate body flexibility. Summer study is vital in these levels.

Advanced Dancer Programs

They Advanced dancer will truly elevate their artistry and technique. They will grow their vocabulary and develop strength and proficiency in pointe work.

These dancers exhibit consistent clear placement and clean transitions. Dancers will strive for stamina, strength, and control while developing a sense of refinement.

Utah Dance Theatre (UDT2 & UDT)

The UDT2/UDT dancer will dedicate focused effort to their ballet training through daily classes during the school year and intensive summer programs. They will layer other dance modalities into their performance experiences. Training in partnering begins and their dedication will prepare them to confidently enter into auditions for summer programs, universities, and professional companies.

High School Dance Program

This NEW multi-purpose class is for dancers who are looking to improve their skills for HS dance company, drill team and cheer OR are dancers who are looking to lighten their current dance schedule. Additionally, we welcome dancers from every different school who may want to simply add more technique to their training.

Musical Theater Workshops

Versatility is key! In these workshops dancers will have the opportunity to learn different styles of dance, vocals and even acting skills.

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